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All our cosmetic eye products are high-quality and cruelty-free. They are made with a special mineral formula and offer amazing skin benefits.

Our Facial Makeup Products are products are used to color and highlight facial features. You can use then to directly add or alter color, or you can apply them over a foundation that serves to make the color even and smooth.

Our lip products are made with the finest ingredients a Lipstick can have: moisturizing emollients, highly pigmented colors, and most importantly no parabens or lead.

You said about us

Just want to tell you how much I love your product and your company. High quality cosmetics and excellent service. Can’t get enough of those beautiful lipsticks.

Teresa G

Reordering of this product. Love it love it love it. Beautiful shades of eye shadow, telling everyone about it.

Christine S

Since finding NIVA Cosmetics Mascara, my search is over ! I have received so many compliments about my thick, full and beautiful lashes.

Jessica L

I was introduced to NIVA Cosmetics by a friend who raves about it, I can see why. I love this brand of mineral makeup because it doesn’t smudge, the colors for the mineral shadows and blushes are richly pigmented. Absolutely fabulous, love this brand.

Cathy H

I am thrilled to have found makeup that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Thank you so much for creating such great products that suit every skin tone and type.

Emily J

Beauty For A Cause

About the owner, Kim Jones

Kim donates 15% of the profits earned by Niva Cosmetics to CURE Children Cancer foundation.

San Diego, California was the childhood home of Founder Kim Jones. She now resides in beautiful and history-rich Haverford, a wonderful community in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. As a girl growing up in the year-round San Diego sunshine, she was fascinated by the many different shadings of skin tone, and how the lovely women she saw and admired chose to present themselves. Her love of fashion and beauty evolved into a philosophy: When we look good, we feel good, and we do good. Guided by that star, and by her belief in the importance of giving back.

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